5-Pack FREE 4" Spell Candles AUTUMN MABON / SAMHAIN Colors!


EVERYONE who has already placed an order this September OR places one this September up through the 28th, will receive the pack shown above of (5) 4" spell candles in Fall/Autumn Mabon/Samhain colors with the more expensive Gold Candle included. NO need to add anything to your cart. No need to mention anything in the comment section of the order. It will go automatically WITH EVERYONE'S ORDERS.

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2016 Mabon / Samhain Applecraft Witch's Herbal Tea


New and just freshly developed and made by myself, is this amazing (and oh my god if you could smell this right now, you'd be in Apple heaven!) herbal tea.  There is a limited supply, so I suggest you order as quickly as possible before we run out. 

All herbs in this tea correspond with both Mabon and Samhain and will not only quench your thirst for that warm, delightful, Autumn Apple tea, but will have all the natural magickal associations for you to use in that respect as you wish! 

Price: $5.00



We are adding about 10-25 products a day and we want you to keep coming back every couple of days and check in and see what's new. Lots of old faves are still to be added (with an inventory of 500 personally developed oils, there's still lots and lots and lots to get up on the shelves.) 

It may look a bit sparse, but we had to dust the shelves off, spruce up the store and make it presentable to our ever-devoted UTNM family! So, keep coming by and saying HI every couple of days as we bring to you and yours an array of amazing products for you and your home.

Under The New Moon (A New Beginning, A New Season, A New Life)


Hello My Under The New Moon Family!

Well, UTNM is officially re-opening it's doors after 2 months away due the loss of my husband of 30 years. What a journey I have been on since 3 years ago when my son also died.  During these past two months, I have also moved 5 hours away from my home in Central California.  My personal home and the UTNM shoppe have now settled in (somewhat, lol) to the new location.  

I promised to reopen and I let you all know that there would be some 'changes' -- but remember, all changes are not bad! Changes are an inevitable part of life. Every day something in our life changes.  

Under The New Moon's tagline when it first opened 11 1/2 years ago was simply put:

Under The New Moon (...A New Beginning)

When my son passed 3 years ago, many changes occured not only in my personal life, but also with the business and a tagline was added that read:

Under The New Moon (...A New Beginning ...A New Season)

It is only appropriate that as my life changes, that Under The New Moon is also affected and a change, whether big or small, is an inevitable result of those changes in my personal life.  Hence, another tagline will soon be added and it will read as follows:

Under The New Moon (...A New Beginning ...A New Season ...A New Life)

My friends...The Wheel of The Year continues to turn...and so shall we in concert with it.

As I gave great thought to the reopening of Under The New Moon, I realized that as Under The New Moon starts its "New Life" at the culmination of a complete turn in the turning of the Wheel, I felt compelled in prayer and from hearing that 'quiet voice' inside to go back to our roots from whence it begun.

Some of you have been with UTNM since the beginning over 11 years ago and you will remember what it was like at that time. Others have joined UTNM in years after that and will have a whole new world to explore! Whether you were with us from the beginning or came at a later time, you will see a new UTNM that will be amazing!  When UTNM started, it started with the store focusing on Herbs, Herbal Concoctions, Herbal Therapeutic Blends, Aromatherapeutic Oils, Essential Oil Magickal Blends, Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Magickal Blends and a small amount of Metaphysical Items to compliment our offerings.

I feel called to return to our roots but still offer 'some' metaphysical items, just not to the extent that we were.  In addition, MANY of you have requested our previous oils and herbal blends that were offered during the first five years of our store's business and you will be delighted to know, it is happening!

I have over 500 aromatherapeutic (therapeutic/medicinal) oils and spell/magickal oils that I have developed myself. Being a trained Herbalist and Aromatherapist, it has been a joy to develop these. I believe that there is truly something for everyone. In addition, you will find many herbal blends that will help you in a variety of things from mundane to magickal! You will find, I hope...at least that is my goal, that there will be something for everyone, including 'just the right' metaphysical items you need.

To that end, I invite you, my precious customers, to return to our roots here at Under The New Moon and once again, join me as I not only start another New Beginning and another New Season...but, even though the Wheel has returned to the beginning, it will be different...and will be A New Life.

You are loved; you are loyal beyond words; you are appreciated. 

Be Blessed, Browse, and Thank You!


Owner, Under The New Moon, LLC


Mabon Sabbat Soy Wax Tarts - NEW (set of 2)


Autumn is near! We are preparing for Mabon next month. The Sabbat that introduces each year, the Season of the Witch.  It is a month that starts off warm, then brings in the briskness of night...the crispness of early morning. The part of the year that children are back at school and our minds enter into the groove of family, activities...and of course, harvests, heartier dinners, snuggling at night and all things family.

Price: $4.75