In anticipation of Under The New Moon's physical relocation to Southern California, we are moving our current stocked inventory in an exciting and creative (and fun) way! 

All of our regular aisle/categories and items have been removed and you will find, in the store, just a few select categories.  All are mystery boxes (not subscriptions) that you can purchase with a discount rate of 50%-80% off retail.  These are one-time box purchases and will contain two-times to three times, if not more than the price you are asked to pay.

What this does? It provides a great deal of unbelievable previously listed and not listed items that are brand new, things you can use in your daily life and practice and all at a price that is not possible to find anywhere else. Certainly not at the discount provided. These are not clearance items. These are stunning, brand new, some just received from our vendors before all the changes took place...items. 

This also provides a very exciting day getting your package and NOT knowing what's inside, but having a Christmas-like/Yule-like experience in May! Delightful to no end!

Take a look at our move-out offerings and see what appeals to you, then simply click and buy. On its way.