Was $34.99! Samhain 2-For TIN Kit (Enchantment Object Protection AND Protection Ritual Spell


It has either a ghost, a bat, a witch or some conventional "Halloween" wooden ornament for you to paint and enchant.  This kit is $34.99- a lot of work has gone into it.

This is an amazing FIRST in our set of TIN Spell Kits that Under The New Moon unveiled last Fall.  We hope you like it. These spell tin kits are great, economical AND come with LASTING NINE PAGE SET OF BOOK OF SHADOWS SHEETS ON PARCHMENT written specifically for your Spells (kit).  These are all handwritten, original work by me. 

You get two completely supplied Samhain Rituals FOR PROTECTION.  Both are for the Intent of Protecting yourself, your home, your pets, your family.

One is the spell to Enchant An Object (object is included) for the Fall Season from now till New Year's Day.  This teaches you what enchanting an object is, what it does, how to do it, and provides everything you need to make what seems like a small childs' craft, a super-witch-powered, TRUE, "echanted object" that will ward evil, keep evil-doers away and protect your home throughout the next 3 months.  This is an awesome way to get comfortable with doing an enchantment and then the sky is the limit as to what you wish to enchant.  This Spell/Enchantment alone has 4 pages to go with plus a ton of items which you need to complete the enchantment.

Next, we have your Samhain Protection Ritual Spell.  This is a Full Ritual and will be conducted like one, (the way I do them), and offer you alternate ways according to your preference.

This spell ties a mojo bag to your home spell keeping the protection going with you, around you, and consistently at your home throughout the coming months.  Both the enchantment and the ritual spell work synergistically together, but either can be done alone without the other and work beautifully by itself.

In addition, ALL the ingredients are provided for your Samhain Ritual Protection Spell and for the most part, all you really need is a quiet place to not be disturbed. :)

You have 28 objects provided for you (included in the 27 objects are the 9 BOS sheets and the tin) plus the 18 other objects inside the tin that comprise the 28 total.

The Book of Shadows Sheets alone are archival quality.  They will last generations when taken care of.  These sheets are worth retail value of selling at $40 for the set...alone. 

The kit is simple, but all items are organic, when possible.  They are assembled out of quality and simplicity for perfection of the work at hand.  In addition, when we can add a bit of amusement and fun, magick comes out all the better!

Your intent and heart plus focus will make these spells/enchantments take off like the wings of eagles and before you know it, you will be spinning spells here and there as part of your daily life, bringing the most good into your life you can for you and your family.

Again, the entire Tin kit of spells/enchantments' focus is PROTECTION.  This does NOT have to be done on Samhain Night.  This can be done right away throughout the Fall / Autumn Season.  I can also be done on Samhain night if you wish to protect you from then through the coming year; or as I said, now through the coming new year.

The tin is a very nice medium to medium-large size and can be used for many things afterwards.  In addition a mini altar cloth comes inside although it may not show up well on the pictures. Mini altar cloth can vary greatly in color, format, size and shape.

The picture is a stock picture from last year. Your kit tin will be the same; but ingredients inside may vary slightly. BOS stay the same.

Price: $22.99
Weight: 1 lb